CEWOOD is expanding: a message for future generations is embedded in the building of the new production facility

Expanding the production, by investing more than 20 million euros in Alūksne region, and with the participation of Krišjānis Kariņš, Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia, and Dzintars Adlers, Alūksne County Mayor, and CEWOOD management, a message for future generations was encapsulated. This marks the next stage of the construction to expand the company's production.

The company's new plant is being built by building company AIMASA: The new premises of 8.5K m2 will help to triple the production capacity, increasing it from 1.7 million m2 to 4.7 million m2 per year. This will provide a significant advantage for CEWOOD to achieve its overarching goal of becoming one of the leading companies in the industry.

Ingars Ūdris, Board Member of CEWOOD: “We have ambition, and we have proved ourselves both in Latvia and in the global market. In the future, we want to be among the world's three best manufacturers of acoustic panels, and I think this is a realistic goal. Our 100% natural acoustic panels are made of Latvian conifers, cement and water. The panels produced in Alūksne district are exported to all continents in the world, except Antarctica. We export our products even to Australia, the United States of America, the Persian Gulf countries, for example, we also have facilities in the United Arab Emirates and the Faroe Islands.”

Krišjānis Kariņš, Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia: “Every company of domestic capital is essential and important for Latvia, we must work together to ensure that both Latvian entrepreneurs and foreign investors invest funds not only in Riga or the big cities but also in our regions. It is a real pleasure that entrepreneurs in Alūksne county plan, develop, invest and work together, also thinking about national security. Way to go!”

“The new plant will also help to develop the Alūksne county, providing more jobs, and will increase the budget revenue, and any new company or family that wants to stay and make their living in Alūksne is an important appreciation of our region. We are thinking about new housing stock and kindergartens, and we are revising our network of schools to improve the quality of education,” emphasizes Dzintars Adlers, Alūksne County Mayor.

“Despite the difficult circumstances and challenges that surprised the world unexpectedly, CEWOOD continues to evolve. Several waves of the COVID-19 pandemic have been survived, airports have been shut down and shops closed, a number of restrictions have been put in place and also shocking hostilities have taken place in Ukraine. We can mobilize our forces, not give up and make effort to grow,” says Ingars Ūdris.

CEWOOD is a Latvian company with a plant in Jaunlaicene, Alūksne county, and an office/warehouse in Riga, Daugavgrīvas šoseja 1. CEWOOD produces globally demanded ceiling and wall finishing panels, as well as construction panels, which consist of 100% natural raw materials: Latvian conifers, water and cement. The company employs more than 100 employees, who, with genuine diligence, prepare the panels for the most demanding customers around the world. CEWOOD's success is based on 55 years of experience with the material, on green thinking, sustainability of the material and on special attention paid to the selection of raw materials, its production process and customer service.